Friday, November 21, 2008

The Housing Crisis

I can definitely see the effects of the housing crisis every day. The decline of home sales has financially affected many families. Because of this financial crisis many people haven’t been spending much money on non essential items such as accessories and home fashions.
It’s very obvious to see that accessory specialty stores and department stores are struggling. It seems as though many of these stores are having many sales to encourage people to shop more. It seems as though Macy’s is advertising a “special” sale every week.

Although the accessory industry has been struggling, I think the home fashion industry has suffered the most. Because of the housing crisis, many people haven’t been purchasing homes. When one purchases a home they usually decorate it. The lack of buying homes has caused people to decline on spending on home fashions.

People are just not spending as much money on things as they have in the past. The housing crisis is very financially draining, and is damaging our economy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Greatest Guest Speaker

I thoroughly enjoyed our guest speaker today! I learned a lot of things about the industry that I was unaware of. I also got a bunch of tips on how to transfer from college life into the “real world.”

I was completely unaware of the magnitude of the quilt industry. When I say quilt industry, I don’t mean just quilts, like blankets, I mean quilt patterns. I loved how our speaker took the quilt patterns and made so many different things with it. I loved that cute tote she made, and the apron. I would have never thought that you could make so many things from something that is used to make blankets. I also was surprised that so many famous designers designed for the company she works with, I was very impressed.

I really appreciated how our guest speaker talked about the transition from college into the real world. I liked how she explained that things we learn while in college do actually help in the real world. I also learned that getting an internship in the field that you want to work in is a very crucial thing. Having an internship allows one to gain work experience, but also se how we like that field of work.

Overall, today’s guest speaker was by far my favorite. I love how she related to the class, and how she acted so real. I learned some very important things from her, that I will take into consideration as I transition into the working fashion industry.