Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spring Obsessions!!!

OK, so the past couple days have been REALLY cold!!! I'm from Florida, i'm not use to all this cold weather. Here are a couple of things i'm dying to purchase and wear!

Tory Burch 'Miller' Logo Thong

Matty M Twist Strap Maxi Dress

Juicy Couture Beach Tote with matching Towel
Ecote Warei Dress (Urban Outfitters)
AHHHH I cannot wait for it to get warm!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

PRE-Fall 2009

I was wondering if anyone else has been checking out the pre-Fall 2009 collections. I know it's not even Spring yet, but I am already super excited for next Fall!! It seemed as though glitz is going to be a big trend for next fall!!!

Lanvin Pre-Fall 2009! I LOVEEEE this Jersey Dress encrested with crystals! So Glamorous! It's kind of like the modern age jazz era!

Proenza Schouler's pre-Fall collection also had some hints of glitz, but a bit more sudtle then Lanvin. Check out this sparkly short full skirt. Very wearable!! I love how they incorporated a little sparkle through out the whole collection in different pieces!

I am also going to have to blab about my two favorite designers' pre-Fall collections. Michael Kors seemed to channel the 40's in his collection. His collection was treny yet effortlessly timeless, llike always.
This artistic sheath dress was my favorite piece from Michael Kors.

My other favorite designer, Zac Posen, also seemed to be inspired by the 40's. His collection was filled with flirty cocktail dresses!!

This was my favorite dress from Zac Posen pre-Fall 2009. I think it would be very flattering on many figure types. I also love the red color, it really pops!!
Well I got to goooooo. Anyone let me know if they find any other great pre-Fall collections!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, if you look at the previous blogs you may notice that I was actually blogging for a course I was taking at school. I enjoyed it so much I decided to start blogging on a less scholastic level. So from now on my blog will be all about my ranting and ravings on fashion, and my boring/sometimes eventful life. I also will be adding occasional personal outfit posts.

But for just some tid bits of info about me. My name is Megan Cassidy, I live in Greensboro North Carolina. I attend UNCG where I am majoring in Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies. I live with my boyfriend Josh, who I have been dating almost 3 years! I have a Chihuahua named Chica, whom I adore! I love to dress her up!! I aspire to be a Fashion Buyer one day for a high end department store. My favorite places to shop at are Nordstroms, American Apparel, and in my Mother's closet.

Chica wearing her favorite dress!!

SO i have to rant about my obsessions at the moment!!! I am so excited, I ordered this great turtleneck dress from American Apparel today!! All these people left reviews saying how amazing the dress was and how it fit them so well, so I have high expectations! I got it in this great eggplant color. I was going to get black, but I decided I already have too much black!

Isn't it cuteeee?!!? I have been on the look out for some rocker kind of looking heels preferably with studs to be paired with leather leggings. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where i could find some?? Pictured below is some Gucci booties (which are on sale right now!) that have the vibe i'm going for. However, I would prefer a pump instead of a bootie, that way I could also wear them in the summer!

Although it is past New Year's, I wanted to post a few Pictures from it. I had a great time with my boyfriend Josh and some of our closest friends. Pictured below is me and my best friends from high school!

I wore an Ed Hardy tunic from Nordstrom, leggings from Express, and black flat boots from Aldo.

Me and my boyfriend Josh, with one of my stylish best friends Kati with her boyfriend Dustin.

Me by the end of the night...

Well I must run, Meet The Parents just came on HBO!!!